Alexander Zakharchenko : the new leader of the Eastern Ukraine

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Alexander Zakharchenko was sworn in today, during a ceremony at the Donetsk’s Theatre. Indeed, The former 38-year-old mechanic was elected Sunday in Estern Ukraine with a large majority – he won over 80% of the vote – as the head of a self-proclaimed ‘people’s republic’. 

Alexander Zakharchenko (Source : Wikipedia)
Alexander Zakharchenko (Source : Wikipedia)


It comes as no surprise that Moscow “recognized the results, announcing the ‘respect’ and saluting a high’ turnout”. But at the same time, this election was denouced as a “farce” by Kiev and illegitimate by the Western Ukraine.

The pro-Russian separastist leader took the oath to “honestly serve the interests of the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and conscientiously fulfill my duties“. But, the Kiev’s pro-Western leaders fear that a new “frozen conflict” could now be created.

Finally, Leonid Slutsky, president of the Russian International Affairs Committee of the Duma believes that the most important thing is the cease-fire. After that, one may wonder if we can make a Ukrainian federation, confederation or another form of administration. The priority is the discussions for a real cease-fire”.

This could be the sign of a new hope for Ukraine.

Anthony Poulain, IEJ 3E1

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