Calais : French Home Affairs minister helps migrants

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On Tuesday 4th November, the French minister of Home Affairs signed a convention creating a new home center for the migrants, in Calais, north of France.

Wikipédia, creative commons

The border police are currently dealing with a massive increase of migrants within the last months. They were 800 a few months ago, but now they are more than 2300 migrants who are trying to reach the “British Eldorado”.

The new home center, intended for 400 people, is widely insufficient for the current situation.

In addition, the minister announced a police reinforcement, adding a hundred men to the existing forces. Seventy officers will be dispatched in the harbour area, and thirty in the city center.

The previous camp was open between 1997 and 2002. It helped more than 67 000 people transit from France to Britain, before the massive rush of migrants forced the government to shut it down. It could provide shelter for 200 people, but ended up crowded with more than 1600 migrants.

Local police officers claim that these initiatives are ill-oriented and a waste of resources against the migrants’ resolution to cross the border.


Marie Rolin, IEJ 3E.


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