Midterms : Obama can lose the majority of senate

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American voters are called to renew a part of senate. Republicans are favorites due to the unpopularity of President Obama.

the blaze
the blaze

The mid-terms elections in the USA, are usually not favorable for the party in power. This Tuesdays the Americans vote, it is likely that the story will be repeated, because the Republicans are the favorites in this legislative elections. All the house of representatives and the majority of senate will be renewed, and for the first time since 2006, the republicans are in position to dominate both the houses of the Congress.

The voting is very influenced by unpopularity of president Barack Obama. The economic situation, the Ebola epidemic, advanced jihadists and the islamic state in Irak and Syria, hang over the vote of the Americans, and the democrats can suffer a sanction vote.

According to Reteurs-Ipssos conducted in October, only 38% of the Americans approve the actions of Barack Obama, while 56% disapprove. The unpopularity of Obama pushes to reduce his presence in the campaigns.

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