EURO 2016 : A Fiscal gift for the UEFA

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Platini announces the results of the Euro 2016
Platini announces the results of the Euro 2016

An important gift will be given to all the institutions which will organise the next European champions league in France. All the taxes will be deleted for each of the organisers. The European football union associations (UEFA) shouldn’t pay any taxes on the French territory.


This agreement has been decided from the beginning. It was a criterion registered in the main charter of the application. France has always known that this element was essential in the organisation of the file.

However, it’s a delicate announcement during the period of the economic crisis. The French State is going through many difficulties in the balance of its budget. So, this next draft bill is a surprise for a government which is claiming to do many savings.


However, another fact had been crucial: France is a nation of sports. After the previous European competition in 1984 and the 1998 World Cup, the country needed to organise a new international event. Without this fiscal gift, other countries could get ahead France and win the application. Poland and Ukraine were also in the race.


The most difficult is coming: adopt the best strategy in order to make the Parliament accept this exemption, and thus to finalise the measure.




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