Farmers in the city

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Thousands of workers have answered the call of National Federation of Farmers to protest against the government. The demonstration, mainly developed in Paris, denounces the moral and economic crisis in agricultural sector. A free delivery of fruits and vegetables happened this morning between 8.00 and 12.00 on Republic square.

Farmer Protest
50 tons of potatoes were spilled on Republic Square this morning.

Among the claims, the regulation about the classification of nitrate vulnerable zones. Headed by the European Union, which published a directive about nitrates and agricultural pollution in 1991, the choice of vulnerable towns is done at a national level. The National Federation of Farmers rather wishes this choice of exposed towns to be made locally, and only managed by the agricultural community.

Another demand has been highlighted : the “food patriotism”. According to the farmers, two meals out of çthree in public canteens should be stem from French agriculture. That’s the reason why they controlled this morning the trucks feeding the canteens of Economy and Finance Ministry.

Demanding Protesters


Although farmers underline “the weight of environmental and administrative constraints”, they mustn’t forget that government already makes some efforts in this direction. The removal of the environmental tax or prepayment of € 3.4 billion aid of the common agricultural policy (CAP) were some requirements of farmers accepted by the executive power.

Jordan Lesueur, IEJ3F


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