“No you can’t” say American Citizens

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The democrats led by Barack Obama got wiped out of the Senate after the midterm elections that occured last night.  The Republicans took over the Senate by gaining 7 seats and will now be holding 52 seats (against 45 for the Democrats). They also obtained the majority of the House of Representatives.

President Obama preparing to face new hardships.
President Obama preparing to face new hardships.

Barack Obama’s sphere of action will clearly be impacted by the massive anti-democratic vote that befell last night. The Republicans had not taken over the Senate since 2006.

This midterm election is historic in another way: it is the first time that a Republican African-American gets elected in the South since 1870. Tim Scott, newly-elected senator of South Carolina, said yesterday: “I think it says a lot about South Carolina and the evolution we have undergone in the last 50 years. If you look for a state with the most progress in the history of this country in the shortest period of time, look at South Carolina. We have a lot to be proud of” (from The Guardian).

As for Barack Obama, this is yet another setback after his controversial health care plan, which the Republicans fought fiercely at the time. His approval ratings have reached an all-time low at 44% (according to USA today).

Obama’s remaining two-year mandate promises to be eventful and difficult for the native of Honolulu.


Thomas Choukroun, IEJ3F


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