Parents protest against inequalities in French school system

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Since Sunday, parents have decided to occupy a fallow field in Saint-Denis to protest against the lack of teachers in the schools of their district.

To do so, they have created “the Ministry of ass hats”, as symbol of the discrimination their children suffer. They claim for a fair school, with respected and competent teachers.

Indeed, the department img_6183has difficulties to recruit professors, and also calls for unemployed people detaining a master degree. “They may have qualities but are not qualified to teach,” says a supervisor who has decided to support the fight.

They also demand healthy classrooms: in fact, some schools have too many students and must place them in pre-made structures without any heating. It reveals the big financial ditch between all French departments.

French school system is the most unfair in Europe but “it’s not a fatality”, declared Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the French minister of national education.

A reform should come in 2015 or 2016 to reorganize the system and the allocations of resources. It is about finding a balance between districts and giving rectorships the same possibility to act and make projects. To sum up, to respect the first principle of republican school : equality.


Charlotte PONT, 3F



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