Interstellar comes up on Earth

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Interstellar, the science fiction movie of the American-British director Christopher Nolan  is released today. After the success of Inception and the trilogy of Batman, C. Nolan struggles to reach the level of his predecessors (Stanley Kubrick, Andreï Tarkovski).

Featured image
Interstellar, the new Christopher Nolan production comes out this Wednesday

Christopher Nolan tells the audience the story of an expedition launched in the cosmos to find out a new liveable planet to replace Earth. Despite the enthusiasm around this blockbuster, the genius succeeded in keeping the story protected from gossip. The Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey who has been very famous since his last performance in the movie Dallas Buyers Club plays the main role of the movie, and delivers another side of his acting skills.

Beyond the cosmic trip, the Christopher Nolan Odyssey especially shows his ability to touch. The first image of “Interstellar” summarizes the aesthetic design of the new Christopher Nolan: embrace everything from the expression.

This movie comes out after plenty of researches by NASA about the possible existence of water on Mars, in order to know whether or not it is a liveable surface for human beings.


Paolo Caumeau, IEJ 3F


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