INTERNATIONAL: Brisbane under siege

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g20 brisbane


A day before G20’s summit, the third city of Australia has never been more active. The event, which is going to take place this week-end, will reunite the leaders of the twenty biggest economies in the world, with the aim of finding an agreement about economic growth, banking rules and environment. The recent trades about pollution between the United States and China shall certainly be advanced. So that the meeting goes well, the city of Brisbane didn’t skimp on ways; almost 6000 policemen will be mobilized with the permission to examine the passers-by, streets and shops will be closed, and F/A 18 Super Honet hunters from the Australian army will establish a forbidden flight area arround the convention center. Reptiles and some insects will also be forbidden. Many have criticized as overly cautious.

Australia, that took part in the anti-terrorist and Daesh wrestling, is, indeed, afraid of a potential terrorist attack, or hacking from independent groups. The authorities are also equipped in case of anti-globalization activist demonstrations, already experimented scenario during previous meetings, like Melbourne in 2006, where militants tried to enter the convention center. For two years, the country seems to have planned everything, in order to not reproduce the Melbourne’s episode. For it, 70 million dollars were devolved to the summit, and everything’s ready for this week-end.



Damien Espona, IEJ1B



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