Demonstration against the work on Sunday

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A hundred of employees from major Parisian departments stores Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Printemps, protest against the Sunday and night work today. “The time of negotiations is over, now, we use the force,” said Karl Ghazi, the representative of the inter-association.

The Ministry of tourism is suggesting the new measure in order to attract foreign visitors, advocating the opening of shops on Sunday in the popular tourist areas.
“Tourists represent 12,000 to 18,000 jobs in the trade in 2012. How can the Medef hope to create 100,000 jobs? Opening on Sunday is not profitable, it is to make the growth at any cost by increasing the number of working hours. The brands, which are calling for this measure are those who are strong enough and have already killed the competition,” said Mr. Ghazi. “If opening on Sunday was not profitable, we do not ask them! This increases the costs of personnel, but allows you to amortize the other fixed costs,” added Mr. Ghazi.

Kevin Bikoy, IEJ1B


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