Equatorial Guinea will host the CAN 2015

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After cancellation of  the organisation of the Africa cup of nation (CAN), Morocco was replaced by the Equatorial Guinea(EG), now in charge of the event.

Capture d’écran 2014-11-14 à 17.10.42    The unreal story concerning the CAN has   finally found a happy ending on Friday. After the eviction of Morocco, who wanted the adjourn the competition because of the threat of the virus Ebola, the African football Confederation (CAF) first received a negative answer from Angola and then gave the organisation to the Equatorial Guinea. This decision was formalized this afternoon on the website of the CAF : ”  After a fraternel and fruitful conversation the chief of the Equato-Guinean state gave his agreement to the organisation of the competition which will begin on the 17th January and finish on the 8th February 2015.

As a result, the executive Committee of the CAF confirmed that the Africa Cup of Nation Orange 2015 will take place in Equatorial Guinea at the normal date, and that the national team of  Equatorial Guinea is automatically qualified for the final tournament as ambassador of the host country.”

The EG has been elected because the country takes up the entire responsibility for the organisation of the event and is provided with the necessary infrastructure to host a competition of this magnitude.

In case of rejection by the African states the CAF had the possibility to count on the participation of Qatar, which proposed to organize the event.

COURTEIX Pierre-Etienne, IEJ1A


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