Foreign submarine confirmed on Sweden’s territory

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Sweden authorities confirmed today that a submarine was actually in the water near the capital of Stockholm. This foreign submarine was detected one month ago, after approximately one week of criss-crossing a vast expanse of water dotted with 30 000 islands. The research was interrupted, as no trace of the submarine was found.

It was not possible to state how big it was or to what country it belonged said the Swedish army, which has deployed more than two hundred men and boats, in an operation which recalled the 1980s, when URSS was regularly suspected to explore the surrounding areas of their naval bases in the Baltic sea.

The prime minister Stefan LöD9823CE9-C047-4C2A-B49A-EBCF78040A42_cx0_cy6_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1fven said that they didn’t know who was responsible for this violation and affirmed that it was absolutely unacceptable, Sweden doesn’t want any intelligence activity in their country. He added that the country would do everything they can to strengthen their territorial integrity.

Thirty years ago, Sweden was routinely gripped with cold war panic, hunting those Russian submarines almost daily but never found a trace of them. Today, it’s the first time that the armed forces have the ability to proof the infringement of the territory.


Nicolas Chaaya – Leo Arthuys, IEJ 1B


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