French jihadist sentenced to 7 years in jail

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The first French jihadist to stand trial after having returned from fighting in Syria has been sentenced to seven years in prison, despite claiming to have spent just 12 days in the war-torn country.

Flavien Moreau, who is originally from South Korea and was adopted by a French family at a very young age, was not present in court to hear the sentence. He had 13 previous criminal convictions and converted himself to Islam. He had become radicalised prior to departing for Syria, where he joined a radical Islamist group. He told the courtroom that he had found a smuggler who took him to a Syrian village controlled by Islamist militants where he bought a Kalashnikov and munitions. However, he denied having done any fighting, affirming he had only taken part in surveillance and policing.

Followed by the French antiterrorist services,  he was placed on listening. The investigators heared him saying that he was looking for fake papers to retry his luck, and decided to arrest him before he escaped.

Fanta Bodian- Agathe Peroceschi, IEJ 1B


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