CULTURE: Rising Star on M6, the fall

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The final of the musical TV program, Rising Star in France has been advanced by two weeks because of the missing audiences, although the starts weren’t as bad as expected. Despite the attractive concept (interactivity thanks to the connected application), the talent show has reunited only 1.6 million viewers (8% of market share) who watched the victory of Corentin Grevost yesterday, until 23h40. This score is barely higher than the previous week.

Each finalist had to sing twice and the one who reached the best score after the two appearances win the show. During their second performance, the jury couldn’t vote and give their extra 7% to help the participants. After nearly three hours, it was Corentin Grevost who became the first (and maybe the last) laureate of Rising Star.

The winner who had never sung in front of a public before this experience, has now the chance to release his first record with the help of M6.

With reference to a possible next season, the channel will most probably not take the risk of launching a new edition of the show.

Camille MASSON and Esther BASSINGHA, IEJ1B


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