The 18th edition of Paris Photo

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The 18th edition of Paris Photo opens its doors at the Grand Palais until November the 16th.

This major event gathers 143 galleries from 35 different countries. For the first time, The Museum of Modern Art in New York which is a pioneer institution in recognizing the photographic medium, presents a selection of its recent acquisitions. The Collection Alkazi in New Delhi exposes a set of illuminated and paintedphotos coming from India and from South Asia. The Gallery Christophe Gaillard proposes a personal retrospective dedicated to the experimental French photographer Thibault Hazelzet. The event focuses on the past ten years of production by presenting more than ten small and large formats.

Thanks to its success with more than 55 000 visitors every year, Paris Photo will be exported next year to Los Angeles for its third American edition, in the mythical studios of ParamountPictures. If Paris Photo lasts only the time of a few days, the Month of the Photo continues until November 30th in numerous cultural institutions around Paris. This year, three themes are put forward: ” unknown persons and famous amateurs “, ” Mediterranean Photography “, and ” At the heart of the close friend “, as well as a selection of parallel exposures.

The event which is sponsored by  major brands of photo material attracts every year 80 000 professionals and amateurs. Paris Photo is the testimony of the deep craze of the French for the 8th art.

Doriane BAUDOIN, Estelle PRIAM IEJ 1B.


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