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Possible death of ISIS’ executioner, “Jihadi John”

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"Jihadi John"
“Jihadi John”



US officials have claimed victory after possibly killing the British executioner Mohammed Emwazi, also known as “Jihadi John”, during a airstrike in Syria.

The Pentagon has not officially confirmed his death but some military sources said it is certain at “99 per cent”.

On Thursday night, US army conducted an airstrike in the very heart of the Islamic State’s Syrian capital, Raqqa. One of the main objectives of this strike was to reach the British terrorist. “If this strike was successful – and we still await confirmation of that – it will be a strike at the heart of ISIS,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

As a reminder, Mohammed Emwazi is known for beheading several people in front of a camera, like American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, or British humanitarian workers David Haines and Alan Henning. Every time, he was wearing long black clothes, his face hidden, with a knife in his hand. Since these events, Mr Emwazi was at the top of the UK government’s “kill list”.

Most of the victims’ families claimed for Emwazi to be captured alive, saying, for instance, he didn’t deserve an “honourable” death, as Mr Haines’ widow stated. Unfortunately, it seems US army decided not to take any risk trying to catch “Jihadi John”.

Maxime Dubois, IEJ3E Group 2

EU call Turkey and Africa to save Schengen

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J2dqzPoImmigration was at the heart of the discussions yesterday in Malta. Two important topics were dealt with between the European Union and Africa, as well as EU and Turkey.

During two days, fifty African and European leaders came together to speak about the illegal immigration. 1.8 billion euros were offered in emergency by the European Union. The objective is to clarify legal human flow between Africa and Europe.

Two decisions were adopted:

– Doubling of benefits for African students and scientists.

– Collaboration between immigration African officer and Europe.

About Turkey,

The European Union decided to offer 3.4 billion euros in Turkey for its help to slow down the flow of migrants to Europe. The situation is complicated for EU. Thousands of refugees want to enter while everyone cannot be accepted. The main idea is to keep the migrants in Turkey.

A summit is expected to be quickly organized between the European countries and Turkey.


Alexandre Le Berre, Groupe 3E2

Jungle of Calais : the call of Bernard Cazeneuve

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calais amenagement

Bernard Cazeneuve, the Home Secretary, seized the judge of State Council and called for a general condemnation of the organization of the “jungle of Calais”, the infamous refugee camp. He considers that the migrants’ situation is not the result of deficiency on his part. The decision is controversial, according to the NGO’s, ready to oppose their arguments in front of the State Council. The audience will begin on 19th November at 3 pm. The administrative court of Lille ordered on the 2nd November to realise many sanitary arrangements at the “jungle of Calais” where 4,500 people live on squalid conditions.

“No power and no duty” to install equipments

According to the text of the call, the state has “no power and no duty to install equipments of first necessity” on an illegally taken area, and all other interpretation would lead to the definition of legal obligation for the state to put savage camp and taken ground on illicit way”. Patrice Spinosi the lawyer of the NGOs says  it’s surprising that, while the administrative judge ordered the humanitarian measures, the state is trying to fight the responsibility and limit its intervention on the camp”.

Anaïs Gres, IEJ3E Group2

French philosopher André Glucksmann’s funeral

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A tribute will be made in memory of André Glucksmann at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery on November 13, 2015. “We have been overwhelmed by the many messages of support we have received. We were happy to have lived with him through the century,” the victim’s family said in their emotional statement

Long regarded as one of France’s reigning intellectuals André Glucksmann contributed profoundly to the social consciousness of the post-World War II generation through his leftward political commitments.

Glucksmann died on November 10, 2015 at the age of 78. His death was announced on Facebook by his son Raphaël but the cause was not given. He described his father as “a good and excellent man”.
“My first and best friend is no more, I had the incredible luck to know, laugh, debate, travel, play – do all and nothing at all with such a good and brilliant man,” he wrote on Tuesday.

Glucksmann never ceased to voice his anger at oppressive states around the world. He was born in a Jewish family originally from Poland. His experience of the Nazi occupation of France during World War II inspired his involvement with the French communist party.


His first book “the language of war” was published in 1967, followed by “Revolutionary Strategy” in 1968.

In 1979, the French philosopher rallied the support to the cause of the Vietnamese who were fleeing the war in that country. Later he supported US interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan

French President François Hollande tweeted that the philosopher had “always listened to the suffering of people”. Nicolas Sarkozy, leader of the opposition said his loss “turned a page in French thought from the second half of the 20th Century”.


Louise Gourlaouen, IEJ 3E Group 2

FIFA : Platini put on the bench

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(FILES) A file picture taken on June 1, 2011 shows UEFA president Michel Platini attending the 61st FIFA congress at the Zurich Hallenstadion in Zurich. UEFA boss Michel Platini is to stand as a candidate for the presidency of world football's governing body, FIFA, UEFA announced on on July 29, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SEBASTIAN DERUNGS

For now, Michel Platini goes out the game. FIFA admitted on November 12th 5 candidacies for the election to the presidency of the institution, much to the regret of the ex Blues’ no. 10.  Platini was already warned by the football coorporation that his candidacy wouldn’t be analysed while he is suspended for 90 days due to his link to the recent scandal in the institution.

Paradoxically, the UEFA no. 2’s candidacy, Gianni Infantino has been validated by the FIFA, together with Prince Ali, Cheikh Salman, French Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale. If Platini’s candidacy was allowed, Infantino would have removed his. However, Michel Platini is no longer trustworthy in the eyes of his colleagues from the European Football Institution.

After the big announcement, Platini’s lawyers transferred to the AFP a statement about how Platini was surprised about the Fifa’s decision, even if it is temporary.  Michel Platini ‘s candidacy will be studied at the end of his suspension in January.

Arnaud Le Brun, 3E Groupe 2.

Racial threats at Missouri University

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Wednesday, black students were feared for their lives. When Amy Simmons a journalism teacher arrived in her class, only 4 students out 24 were present. This was the consequence of several racial threats made by a 19-year-old white man on social media towards black students.


151111-hunter-park-mugshot-1257p_50c068b5b3ad43876b35b7c8480be9b1.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000The threats were leaked on Twitter under the  hashtag #Mizzou. Some of those messages advised black people to stay safe at home while some others told them to be prepared to get killed. In a very quick way, the authorities published a wanted notice on the institution’s website without giving too many details. It has now been confirmed that Hunter Park, a 19-year-old student of the Misouri University, was the author of the threats. He was arrested in a fraternity house with no guns on him.

This wasn’t the first case of racial threats at this institution. Indeed, similar threats have occurred over the past years. A student did a hunger strike to make the University president, Tim Wolfe, resign. He actually did resign on Wednesday evening. This is yet another scandal to tarnish the American administration in regards to the black population.


Julia Giraudo, IEJ3E group 2

“New H Cup Beginning”

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web-ManuClermontTry_rdax_499x315“The Eye Of The Tigers”. That could be the “day hymn” sung in Leicester.

Tonight begins the European Rugby Champions Cup with the match between Leicester and Stade Français. That “mini crunch” is not a vulgar confrontation. Indeed, this pool game stages a famous English Club.

And all the people in the country are expecting a victory. They have not forgotten the “October fiasco”. England, a big nation of the rugby planet was  soiled during The World Cup last month, as the country organized its the 8th edition. Unfortunately for England’s team, it was unsuccessful. Moreover, it was a very cataclysm because the Rose was not even able to reach the final board. It was the first time in history that England was eliminated at the first round.

However, that humiliation may be a potential stimulator for the players. And it begins today at 19:45. This open game is also an important event for France. Though “Les Bleus” have been beaten by the incredible New Zealand in the Quarter Final, future winner of the competition, everybody can obviously say that the “French Flair” has fallen in a “Black Hole”.

Tonight’s match might be a starting revolution or a descent into hell for one or the other.

Jean-Baptiste Graziani, IEJ3E Group 2

Paris: Fake bomb alert at Gare de Lyon

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A bomb alert disturbed traffic at Gare de Lyon in Paris this afternoon at around 2 p.m.

Gare de Lyon


The alert was published on Facebook by a user. The French police thought there was a threat. Therefore, the train station has been partially evacuated leaving thousands of people alarmed. However, the police dogs squad did not find any suspicious package. For an hour, no trains were circulating and subways did not stop at this station. Latest reports emerging from the station suggest that traffic is now regulated.

It is the second alert today in the capital. Indeed, the first occurred this morning at the Molitor Hotel where the German football team were staying. Fake alert, the German team has been rehoused in another hotel. Their captain Bastian Schweinsteiger said on Twitter that “everything is alright”.

More fear than harm…

José Kossa, IEJ3E,  Group 2

Kurdish Forces Retake Sinzar from ISIS

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Sinzar Kurdes
Peshmergas hoist a kurdish flag in sinjar this Friday. Photo by Bryan Denton for the NY Times

Gunfire celebrations, Kurdish flags on buildings, this is how anti-Isis forces celebrated the retake of a Yazidi town on the road of Raqqa, Isis head-quarter. Sinzar, an Iraqi town held by ISIS for 15 months, has been liberated on November 13th by thousands of Peshmergas fighters helped by Yazidis fighters.

On October 2014, the Islamic State took Sinzar and killed Yazidis men, then enslaved and raped their women. On Friday, Kurdish peshmergas forces entered the devastated city from the east side then linked with YPG, Kurdish forces from Syria who invaded the town from the west part of Sinzar.

Started on Wednesday 11th, supported by American Air Forces, this operation had been set to control the road between Raqqa, Isis headquarters in Syria and Mosul, major powerful city held by the Islamic State in Iraq.

Map Sinzar
The Sinjar strategic issues

 An armed force composed of Yazidis people also took part in the fight.

For a few weeks, it appears that Isis is losing its influence in Syria and Iraq. On Monday, French Air Force bombed an oilfield held by ISIS. Facing those losses, it appears that the Islamic state already changed its strategy, committing blind attacks, like in Beyrouth on Thursday, which killed 42 people. “For the last 15 months that I have been fighting Daesh, I have never seen them so weak, they were literally running away,” said Kurdish Forces Colonel, Kamran Hawrami.

Guillaume Dussourt, 3E2

« Share the meal », an application against hunger in the world

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The United Nations’ World Food Program launches an app called « Share The Meal » : a project that intends to revolutionize the gift.

XVM6e311b1c-8927-11e5-baf9-287e877f0991There are in the world twenty times more smartphone users than malnourished children. It is from this observation that a Berlin UN team has designed the app « Share The Meal » .

The principle : just a simple “push” on one’s smartphone to enable the United Nations to feed a child for one day. To help feed poor children, just press a button: each donation of 40 cents goes directly to the World Food Program.
« Once you’ve downloaded the app, it takes 30 seconds to register, and then you can press the button when you want. If you’re at the table, for example, simply press… A child will receive food. These 40 cents will allow to feed a child for a whole day,» explains Sebastian Stricker, the creator of the application.

1.8 million meals served
The app, launched in July in German speaking countries, has already 120,000 users. It allowed to serve 1.8 million meals in four months.

For now, the funds collected are paid to the World Food Program and they have benefited the children of Lesotho, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Besides, « Share the meal » also intends to take advantage of the migration crisis in Europe to raise awareness. The World Food Program plans to use donations to help Syrian children.


Victoria Hidoussi, IEJ3E G2