Culture : The Paris Games Week 2015 came to an end

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Started last Wednesday October 28th, the Paris Games Week 2015 ended on Sunday. And the show was worthy of today’s rise in video games industry. Big titles are back this year, and players knew it as it was testified by the 307 000 visitors during these five days, beating last year record.

Predated by the Sony Press Conference, the event presented and gave access to some of the big games of late 2015/early 2016, but also the prototypes of virtual reality helmets. We still don’t know how much these devices are going to cost, but more than 50 games have already been confirmed for the Playstation 4.

There were many tournaments on already released games, competitive players could measure each other on League of Legends, Super Smash Bros or even Hearthstone. Among the games people could try, big licences were present like Call of Duty, Uncharted or Guitar Hero. However, new licences were also introduced to the public. Indie games had their own area, as well as vintage classics.

Next gen consoles know their apex these days, it is not surprising that this kind of event was a success.



Benoit Peloso, IEJ 3F Group 1


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