FRANCE: “Air Cocaïne” pilot heard this morning by the examining magistrate

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Pascal Fauret (left) and Bruno Odos (right), the two pilots of “Air Cocaïne”

One of the pilots of the “Air Cocaïne” affair was heard this morning by the examining magistrate in charge of the case in France.


Bruno Odos, a pilot of the “Air Cocaïne” affair, arrived at around 9 a.m. at the courthouse, in Marseille (south of France) this morning, with a wide police workforce. The judge in charge of the investigation had some general questions to ask the pilot, especially on the progress of suspects aircrafts between France and Guadeloupe or Ecuador. The second pilot, Pascal Fauret has to be heard on Wednesday. The stakes in this hearings are to know if the two pilots, Bruno Odos and Pascal Fauret, will be able to be freed, possibly under legal supervision, or if they remain in custody the time of the investigation. The two pilots were arrested Monday in the morning at their home.

Only ten days after their incredible escape of the Dominican Republic, it is a hard back to reality for the two pilots who had declared immediately after their return in France that they put themselves at the disposal of the justice to answer for their actions.

As a reminder, the two pilots were condemned in initial trial to twenty years of prison for drug trafficking in August 2015. In March 2013, the Dominican Republic police found 680 kg of cocaïne in twenty-six suitcases in the Falcon 50 piloted by Bruno Odos and Pascal Fauret. They were arrested with the two passengers, Nicolas Pisapia and Alain Castany, who are still detained in Dominican Republic.

RAMBURE Florian, IEJ 3F Group 1


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