FRANCE : School bullying – a controversial video

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The French Minister of Education would be happy to avoid this polemic. The Teachers’ Union demanded that Najat Vallaud-Belkacem delete her video about the campaign against school bullying.

This short movie which is already online on the Ministry’s website, is going to be broadcasted from Thursday, November 5, date of the first national day against harassment at school (“Non au Harcèlement”).

The professors are exasperated, and it goes beyond the usual division between trade unions. All of them have criticized this clip which presents, according to them, the teachers as attentive at best and harassing at worst, if they are not directly the person responsible for the harassment.

The origin of the outrage among the trade unions: nine seconds during which the teacher keeping the eyes on the blackboard seems to ignore the suffering of a harassed child. A child to whom she turns her back before shouting at him : “Baptiste are you with us ?” . The “happy ending”, a little school friends helping Baptiste enjoining him to “talk” in order for it to stop, does not reduce the impression of a staging.

If the video has a real success among children, it clearly misses its objective among the teachers. It may obscure the largest contents of the campaign against school bullying presented on October, 29 by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. Among the measures, the opening of a free hotline (30 20) and the objective to train in 18 months, around 300 000 teachers ans staff direction members on this question.

LEBRETON Antoine, IEJ 3F Group 1






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