TURKEY: Erdogan President… Again !

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The Turkish president Recip Tayyip Erdogan and his political party won the parliamentary majority, after 5 months of sharing the power with his opponents.

The president of the islamic conservative party (AKP), explained that this decision of the citizens is an “important message” to the Kurdish people.
Indeed, the pro-Kurdish political party HDP realized a very low score, and scene of violence was observed especially in the country’s south east.

Today, the European analyst has some suspicions about the democratic way of this elections. They suspect the Turkish president to have changed the result to get all the power, without coalition in order to humiliate the Kurdish people.

This election has for effect to keep away the country from a potential entrance in the European Union, as Erdogan continues his nationalist policy excluding and marginalizing the Kurdish people. Furthermore, the Russia of Vladimir Putin reduces its diplomatic relations with the country, since the Turkish government is suspected of keeping away of its historic ally: Bachar el Assad.

If president Erdogan does not change his international policy, the risk for him is to end up alone.


Guillaume Lechat, IEJ 3F Group 1



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