EGYPT: Russian plane crash in the Sinai, mystery still unsolved

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Investigations are still underway concerning the crash of the Russian plane in the desert of Sinai. The claims by the Islamic state of being responsible for the attack have been qualified as “propaganda” by Egypt.

03plane-web-sub-master675The Russian president Vladimir Putin also denies the IS’s affirmation. As far as he is concerned, the reasons of the crash must be looked for elsewhere and  that’s why he ordered a further investigation.

Although, the airline’s deputy director named Alexandre SMIRNOV said about this accident:”We absolutely exclude the technical failure of the plane, and we absolutely exclude pilot error or a human factor” and explained “The only explainable cause is physical impact on the aircraft”.

The plane crash killed 224 persons who were travelling from Sham El Sheik to St Petersburg on Saturday. 

The experts raise the IS’s armement isn’t performant enough to hit the plane in the air.

The only information is that “This isn’t flying, it’s falling”and the airplane exploded 23 minutes after take off. the plane is a very difficult puzzle to rebuilt. But nobody knows the real circumstances of the “huge tragedy” as Putin put it.

Mister Putin must to be afraid of a potentiel revenge of ISIS ?

For one month, he has been helping Bachar El Assad to destroy the Syrian government’s opponents and the terrorists.

Recently, Russia deployed its armed forces in Syria. That prompted can to create reactions from a global jihad against Russia.

Other airlines, conscious of the risks, have now decided to avoid flying over Sinai.


Frederique Lelong, IEJ3F Group 1


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