France: Blood donation opening to homosexuals

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radio melodie
Radio Melodie

« Male homosexuals will be able to donate their blood.» It’s what Marisol Touraine, the French health minister, declared in an interview this morning for « Le Monde».

It’s very good news for the recipients of blood donations. The opening of donations to homosexuals means 21,000 new donors and 37,000 new packs of blood a years. But the new opening has a condition. The homosexuals can give their blood if they didn’t have any sexuel relation for the 12 months preceding the donation.

According to the ministry, this measure is adopted to protect the recipients, because the homosexual population is 200 times more affected by the HIV virus. However, all donated blood has to go through verifications before being used by medical staff, so this condition appears as redundant.

« This is the end of a discrimination,» said the minister. The measure was announced in the president Francois Hollande’s election program in 2012.

The gay associations denounce, a new stigmatisation because the condition in the law gives an unfaithful vision of homosexual population.

Since 1983, and the propagation of HIV virus, a law has been preventing the homosexuals from giving their blood. The new measure could be the first step to the equal treatment of the blood donors.

Grégoire Truttmann, IEJ3F group 2


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