Thousand jobs lost due to Michelin tyre plant closing

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Even if Michelin, the French company from Clermont-Ferrand realised a profit of 1.2 billion euros for the first semester of the year, the direction announces the closing of a part of its production, heavy truck tyres.

4 factories in Europe will close before 2018

This announcement is a consequence of the reorganisation plan of the European factories by the firm, European factories that represent almost 40% of its general benefit.

Both North-Irland, Italy and Germany are concerned, but the most spectacular one will happened in North-Irland in the Ballymena Plant. In this spot, there will be a loss of 860 jobs.

In the Piemont, Italy, two plants are affected by the announcement, in Fossano and Alessandria. In the Italian factories, more than 400 workers are going to lose their jobs.

Germany is also touched, the Orianienburg tyre factory will close before the end of 2016 making almost 200 workers jobless.


Many reinvestments programmed

Those investiments of 280 million euros are justified by the competitivity. All the money will be placed in the other application of the Michelin factory. For example, tourism tyre will register a gain of 20% especially in Italy until 2020. In Great-Britain the firm promised to invest an ammount of 69 million euros.

Jacques Simonian, IEF 3F G2


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