UK: David Cameron’s photoshopped picture causes hilarity on the web.

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A member of the British Prime Minister cabinet used photoshop to add a commemorative badge on an existing picture of David Cameron.

In order to improve the public image of a politician, cabinets and spin doctors can be very creative sometimes. However, it does not work as expected all the time.

A member of the cabinet of Mr. Cameron edited an official picture of the Prime Minister with a poppy flower on his chest. This poppy has a commemorative meaning, since it pays a tribute to the British soldiers who died during the first World War. It is a national movement to wear a poppy on November (start of the first World War), and as the Internet takes a major role in communication, the hashtag #mypoppy appeared on web thanks to the Royal British Legion’s initiative. It provides through donations support to veterans and breaks for active soldiers who are too often away from their cherished ones.

Unfortunately, by adding a photoshopped poppy on David Cameron’s photo, the Prime Minister’s cabinet didn’t plan that the Internet would burst out laughing in front of the incompetence of the deed. A fair amount of social media users mocked the altered picture by creating their own versions of it. Some of them showing a lot of creativity, but all of them with wittiness.

Shortly after the general mockery, both the original and the edited photo have been removed from David Cameron’s Facebook page. But the blunder was already done and the hashtag #poppygate was noticed on Twitter.

No wonder the cabinet will think twice next time it wants to glamorize the Prime Minister.


Sébastien Zabbah, IEJ 3F Group 2



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