Coalitions cause trouble to define politics in the long run

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A new coalition from the current opposition could defy the Prime Minister of Portugal.

Passos Coelho lost hrouble may come in the government facing a new coalition in oppositionis majority during last parliamentary election on the 4th of October. Yet, his centre right coalition remains relatively strong. A new coalition may be formed between socialists and communists in order to create a strong majority in the parliament.

These elections were interpreted like a referendum on austerity measures. The ruling coalition called “Portugal Ahead” won 38.5% of the votes. If the left parties became united, they would get 15 more seats than Pedro Passos Coelho’s coalition. The Prime Minister said he would take his responsibility in case he lost his majority.

Since Portugal became a democracy in 1974, no government could implement their politics when they were in minority, according to Reuters.

Credits : Belga

The Left bloc is connected to Syria’s party in Greece. One in five Portuguese are below the poverty line of and the minimum wage is $584 a month. Portugal has one of the greatest income disparities in Europe. The country arrives at the third place of the most endebted countries in Europe.

Camille Anger, IEJ 3E group 1


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