Earthquake in South of France

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An earthquake meastremblement de terreuring 4.4 on the Richter scale occurred, on Friday morning, in Barcelonette, in the Alpes de Haute Provence region, and was feltup to Nice. It didn’t cause any damage. The quake took place at 5 AM and it was followed by many other quakes of lesser intensity. This is the fifth earthquake over 3.5 in one year but the four others werent’t felt by the population.

Department’s firemen proceeded, Friday morning, to reconnaissance said Richard Mir, Barcelonette’s prefect. The quake lasted 5 seconds. The earthquake’s epicenter is located in the town of Jausiers. The French Seismology Central Bureau specified that there were some cracks on vulnerable buildings.

Animals reacted before humans. Nicole, who lives in Nice said: “My bird moved in its cage. I didn’t understand why. Then I felt the quake.” The shake awoke Chantal and other Nice’s inhabitants.

The previous earthquake happened in August 2014. The shock cracked walls, moved furnitures and some chimneys were damaged.

Arthur Blanquet, IEJ 3E group 1


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