France found it Olympic village.

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Paris 2024


The site « Pleyel – Bords de Seine » has been designed by the Olympic Ambition Association as place of Olympic Village for the 2024 games. If Paris is chosen for the Olympic Games organization, the city of Saint-Denis will be put in light.

It is Tony Estanguet, co-president of the candidate committee of Paris 2024 who announced that «The choice of this village is clearly for us the best way to win ». But the decision isn’t taken yet. In fact, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Rome and Budapest are on the list too. The final choice will be made in September 2017.

«Pleyel – Bords de Seine » is idyllic because the village will be built in two parts : the first one around the « Cité du Cinéma » of Luc Besson. The other will be the Ile-Saint-Denis on the other side of the Seine. The mythic Stade De France will be renamed « Stade Olympique » for the occasion. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo said: « It’s a really beautiful story which is being written.»

To avoid the abandon of the infrastuctures, as it happened in Sotchi or Athens, the CIO would like the housing to be accessible to the popular or middle classes. Paris is planning to transform and adapt the area to accommodation and offices.


Léo Anselmetti, IEJ 3E group 1


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