French team without Benzema and Valbuena

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Karim Benzema, during a match with french national team

Didier Deschamps has revealed his list for the next games against England and Germany which will be played in November.

Mr Deschamps decided to officially leave out Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena for two reasons. The first, Benzema is still injured and Valbuena might be in mind trouble with the sextape scandal, he had been involved in. But in reality, following his custody, Benzema is not allowed to be in contact with Mathieu Valbuena.

This situation puts “Les bleus” in a difficult situation because these two guys are the leaders of the French team. Their non-participation in the exhibition games is a problem for the French who hope a final success at the Euro 2016 at home.

However, some players took advantage of the situation to come back in this team like Ben Arfa and Gignac. It will be also the first time for Kingsley Coman, the 19-year-old winger, to wear the French National Team’s jersey.


Only six months before the 2016 Euro, this scandal might result in a new, fresh offensive line for the team.


José Kossa, IEJ3E Group 2



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