Karim Benzema : influenced by his friends ?

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A former lawyer close to the Valbuena file, accuses the entourage of Karim Benzema, of influencing his life. According to him, “the entourage of Karim Benzema has bad influence on him. Some take advantage of his fortune and think that everything can be bought.” Indeed, his childhood friends met mostly in suburbs, have heavy past with the law. A certain Zenatti, the man who is believed to have made the link between the footballer and the three crooks, who held the sextape, is known by the police for having a ” delinquante profile”. In 2006, He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for a hold-up and then in 2009 in a drug case, before being spotted some days later in the presidential grandstand with Karim Benzema, for the match OL-OM


The Real Madrid player and the Blues, Karim Benzema, has been indicted on Thursday, for complicity in attempted blackmail over the sex tape of Mathieu Valbuena. And he claims his innocence in this affair.

Bokassa Mélina, IEJ 3E, group 1


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