La Gommeuse breaks the auction record

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The portrait La Gommeuse has been sold for 67.45 million dollars yesterday at the Sotheby’s Art Institute of New York.

Copyright : AP/ TIM IRELAND

The portrait has been sold during an auction at Impressionist & Modern Art sale exposition where art of Malevich, Monet, Magritte,  Bonnard and Picasso had been exhibited in the past. La Gommeuse is the most expensive painting which has been sold during this auction.

Pablo Picasso painted the masterpiece in 1901. It is described as the most important of his blue period. It is a portrait of a nude unnamed woman. The particularity of this painting is that a second nude portrait is hidden at the back of the first one. The Gommeuse, can be translated with “the Gummy” which is a sexually connotaded slang word of the time for cafe-concert singers and their songs.

We can see that the art market is not affected by the economic crisis.


Sabrina Alves, IEJ 3E, group 1.



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