Plane crash in Sinai : terrorist attack most likely cause

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A bomb was probably placed onboard the Metrojet flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Saint Petersburg on the 31rst of October, according to Washington and London. 

Metrojet plane in the Sinai desert. (Photo:
Metrojet plane in the Sinai desert. (Photo:

The bomb was probably placed on the plane by a person working for the airplane company or the Egyptian airport.

This new theory on the crash is set to change diplomatic relations between Egypt and other countries. Moreover, tourism, which has already been let down following the Arab spring will crumble in the Sinai region. London and Washington have suspended their flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and London has sent out planes to bring its citizens home. About 20,000 English tourists are currently waiting for the English transportation.

Russia and Egypt are waiting for the conclusions of the investigation, but still deny the possibility that a bomb could be the reason of the crash. The Egyptian President, Al Sissi has declared that the idea of an ISIS-led attack was part of “unfounded speculations”. The terrorist group has however published a video where they claim being the authors of the attack. The threats are directly aimed at Poutine for his aerial campain against ISIS in Syria. 

The investigation will soon reveal how such a catastrophe was made possible.


Clotilde Bigot, IEJ 3E, group 1


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