Russia-Egypt: No more flights

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People waiting to board at Sharm-El-Sheikh airport. Source : Mohamed El-Shahed – AFP

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, decided to suspend all flights to Egypt today. His decision comes after the recommendation of secret services to suspend Russian airlines flights. This happens six days after the crash of Russian airliner in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. 224 people were on board and none of them survived.

Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands had already suspended their flights in and out of Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt. While Russia and Cairo had always denied the possibility of an attack, Putin has now changed his mind. Indeed, Russian officials rejected statements by President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron that a bomb may have caused the accident, refusing any speculations. This move follows increasing suspicions of the United States and Great Britain that bomb could have exploded on the plane.

Russia also announced at the National Anti-Terrorist Committee they had collected samples of the airplane in the Sinai Peninsula, in order to examine residues of explosives afterwards. Meanwhile, confusion remains at Sharm-El-Sheik airport where thousands of travelers are left stranded. Egyptian President said “he is ready to cooperate with all his friends” to keep foreign tourists safe.




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