Violent march against overweening tuition fees

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« Education not marketisation » was one of the slogans of yesterday’s demonstration in London

Many students expressed their discontent about the increase of the university school fees on Wednesday in London. With an inflation three times higher than in 2010, and the reelection of David Cameron, the prices of university studies have skyrocketed.  Into a deficit reduction policy, Cameron has announced a new measure for 2016 : the end of scholarships, which would be replaced by loans.

John McDonnell, major opponent of the current governement, has supported the initiative of demonstrators, saying : « Your generation has been betrayed by this Government in increases to tuition fees, in scrapping the education maintenance allowance and cuts in scrapping the education ». With this declaration, he attempts to discredit the government’s policy.

This political subject is a burning topic in the UK, and the question is not a new problem. Already, in March, many students demonstrated in front of the London School of Economics. At the end of yesterday’s march, the context began to be very tight, with clashes between policemen and demonstrators. Several students have been arrested.

The tuition fees will remain a subject of discussions for many months.

Simon Farvacque, 3E Gr2

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