Brexit : David Cameron unveils its claims to the European Union

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4806603_6_a02e_david-cameron-lors-d-un-discours-sur-les_6d10632bf3734a397237bc81b7f00774         David Cameron, during a speech on the reforms of the European Union.

Today, British Prime Minister reveals in a letter addressed to Donald Trusk, president of the European Council, the demands he makes to the European Union. Consequently, he wants to move forward the referendum on UK’S membership in the Union to June 2016. It was originally scheduled for the end of 2017.


The revendications

David Cameron revealed his four claims.
The first one is « liberal » : it aims to “deepen the single market” by extending to the sectors of digital, to reduce regulations and increase the trade agreements.
The second wants to protect the City and the British pound against the superiority of the countries of the Euro zone.
According to the third one, the British hope to be exempt from the commitment to build « an ever closer union ». They consider that this clause of the Treaty of Rome commits an integration policy.
The last claim concerns the immigration. The British don’t want the immigrants of the other European countries to earn some of the UK social benefits.

The risks

As a result, European Union fears that other countries act like UK and set conditions for staying in European Union. For example, Poland could be the next one to follow United Kingdom.
If UK leaves, it will be a harsh blow to EU. Being one of the most powerful countries, it represents a vital element for the functioning of this area.


Thomas RAVENEL, IEJ 3F, Groupe 1


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