Democracy finally in Myanmar?

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It was the first free elections in twenty five years.

With seventy per cent of the vote, Aung San Suu Kyi is very close to become president of the first democracy of Myanmar.

However, the Constitution, inherited from the Burmese military junta, prevents her from taking power for now.

In fact, the « Lady of Rangoun » can’t be President because her children have a foreign nationality. This is due to a law created many years ago, specially against her.

Despite everything, she warned that she would be the one who would lead the future government.


How will the actual power react after the election results ?

In 1990, the last free national elections were won largely by the National League for Democracy, but the junta did not finally recognize the vote.

Twenty-five years later, the junta’s heirs claim that the situation has changed, promising to respect, this time, the elections results.

Washington was cautious, specifying they were awaiting the official results. The White House urged “all the politicians leaders to cooperate to form a new government and to ensure the pursuit of national reconciliation.”

In Paris, the President François Hollande, called on Monday night for the respect “by all the parties” of the “popular will which was expressed with clarity”.

On Tuesday, the outgoing President, Thein Sein, had no comment from Naypyidaw, the ghost administrative capital built secretly in the early 2000s. “We have nothing to say for the moment. The president said before the elections that he would accept the results, and this has not changed,” said the spokesperson for the Presidency.

Sofiane Rezgui, IEJ3F Group 1


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