Doping scandal : an impressive cost and loss for Russia

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Russia is facing a terrible nightmare.

« Deeply shocking », « very saddening » these are the words dominating newspapers today. Some allegations include the information that the head of a Moscow laboratory destroyed 1,417 blood and urine samples while members of the Russian security infiltrated anti-doping work at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Russia’s doping scandal will definitely scare off a lot of sponsors. « There’s so much lost not just emotionally, but financially,” Alysia Montaño an American 800-meter runner said.

As a consequence, the world Anti-doping Agency has requested that Russia should be banned from all athletics competitions. Thereby several “sponsors are very nervous, they had plays an important role. It’s as big a scandal as you can get,” a member of Nike principal sponsorship prevented.

Many brands are already dealing with the fall-out from the corruption scandal engulfing Fifa world football’s governing body.  Companies such as Coca Cola or Visa feel soiled by Russia and are afraid for their reputation right now. « People will switch off if they’re watching a bunch of cheats, » a head sports of marketing at H+K strategies assured.

Russia : a deeply rooted culture of cheating

London sabotaged were caused again by… Russia. After winning 81 medals at the last Olympics, 17 in track and field, the public appears hugely disappointed by the image given to this sport. Therefore, Russia will be harshly “kicked out” from future sporting events such as the Olympic Game in Rio De Janeiro in 2016.

One thing is certain : the image of Russia is tarnished like never and it seems not to be finished yet. More damages are to come very soon.

     Liliya Shobukhova, in a half-marathon, winning the Hervis Prague Half-Marathon. An image that shows how sponsors are fundamental for this sport. 


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