Europe : Catalonia on its way to independence

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Catalonia finally managed to start Monday a procedure that would lead to its independence from Spain


The desire of independence in Catalonia is not new. This Spain region with its proper culture, language, flag, national anthem, parliament and government always tried to separate itself from the country, but in a democratic way. And yesterday for the very first time, Catalonia parliament took this resolution.

A long road to victory

Among the 135 deputies, 72 adopted the decision of a process of independence, which is a slight majority. However, it seems to finally put Catalonians on the way to have their own country. The will for independence has gradually strengthened since the beginning of the economic crisis, and it should now become reality by 2017. The Independent Republic of Catalonia is coming !

Spain’s quick reaction

The government president Mariano Rajoy summoned a plea against this resolution on television. “I will request an immediate suspension of this initiative and all of its effects.” An extraordinary ministers council has been scheduled for tomorrow to discuss this subject. Catalonia represents 7.5 million people (16% of the population) and 20% of Spanish GDP, so it is understandable that Spain is afraid of losing it while the country undergoes a tough crisis.


Benoit Peloso, IEJ 3F


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