FRANCE : One more slaughter in Marseilles

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In Marseilles, France, this morning, a shooting burst out making 2 deaths and one injured. The shots, which woke the local residents, were a result of a conflict between two cars, each carrying four people on board. Both victims as well as the wounded man occupied the same car. The other car was found burned several kilometers farther with nobody on board.

The Police favors the track of the settling of scores between suburbs bands in a city marked by it for several years. The fourth passenger of the car was found unhurt. All the four men were known by police services. The brother of one of the victims was shot down in 2012. That is why the police favors the theory of vengeance.

French police officers and forensic experts conduct their investigation at the scene where a man was found shot dead in Marseille October 11, 2012. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier (FRANCE - Tags: CRIME LAW)


The public prosecutor of Marseilles, Mr. Brice Robin, announced that this new shooting could have a link with the one which took place a few weeks ago and where two teenagers had been killed in a building. The track of a new settling of scores connected to the crime had not been favored by the investigators at that time.

The scene which occurred this morning was filmed by security cameras and the police is at present leaning on this visual testimony to understand better what happened.







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