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The new James Bond is released tomorrow in France, it’s the 24th film on the adventures of the famous Agent 007. The title of the film “SPECTRE” refers to the criminal organisation Spectre which appeared in most episodes of the saga since its start. Daniel Craig embodies the famous Agent for the 4th time, after “Casino Royal”, “Quantum of Solace” and  “Skyfall”.

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Last Friday,  five days before the official release of the film, in Paris, at Institute for International Relations (LIERI), a meeting on the subject of “James Bond : geopolitical hero”.

Four speakers were present at the event – the historian and journalist Alexandre Adler, the doctor in literature Isabelle Safa, the doctor of information science Pierre Fayard and the historian David Vauclair – to evoke the geopolitical meaning of this contemporary myth that has continued for half a century.

The first film, Dr No, was released on screens nine years after the Cuban crisis, in 1962. Pure product of the Cold War, this saga, in which international issues are reduced to individual relations,  has long reflected the climate of threat and paranoia. It also fits the context of the dissolution of the British Empire. From this point of view, as argued together the four speakers, this super-chic secret agent, unstoppable seducer, unparalleled killer which 007 has long been, represents a “compensatory myth” for a disoriented Great Britain, freshly ejected from its place at the center of the world stage.

As summarized David Vauclair, the series offers a “British representation of soft power” marked by a  rather naive patriotism.


Shaheen Malik, IEJ 3 F.


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