Saudi Arabia: Discovery of alcohol disguised as soda

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48,000 beer cans, disguised as Pepsi, that is what the Saudi customs found on Wednesday, November 11, on the border of United Arab Emirates. “A truck carrying Pespi cans was arrested, following the standard process of control. It appeared that alcoholic beers were covered under Pepsi logo,” declared the officer Abdulrahman al-Manna at the Saudi news channel “Al Arabiya.

Although, alcohol is considered as a serious crime in Saudi Arabia, many Saudis succeed to obtain it anyway, risking severe sentences for this type of crime in the country, which can go from prison to floggings.
Last month, a British citizen was sentenced to 350 lashes, for being caught with wine bottles.

Very conservative country, everybody is not allowed to drink alcool, and women are not allowed to drive and should be covered from head to toe. ‘Despite anti-alcohol legislation, the World Health Organisation (WHO) esteems that on average 0.2 liter is consumed per adult in Saudi Arabia.

Mélina Bokassa, IEJ 3E


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