BDS called to boycott Israeli products

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On Wednesday, the European Union has decided to label Israeli products from the occupied Palestinian territories. The Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu considers the decision to be a support and encouragement to the BDS mouvement. In 2005, some pro-Palestinians called for sanctions against Israel. The movement, inspired by the boycott of South African products in the 1980s, was called “BDS” and today opposes the Israeli occupation calling to boycott Israeli and foreign companies operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

In France, the movement was created in 2009 after the Gaza war. Today, there are about fifty associations, including the AFD, NPA and ATTAC support the Palestinian cause. Binyamin Netanyu denounces an “international campaign to blacken the reputation of Israel.” According to him, it would be a challenge to  Israel’s existence. The French spokesperson of the BDS, Imen Habib, judges too weak the EU decision: it must be “an outright ban on these products” she said.

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