Is health system going backward ?

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They call it “black Friday”… But it has nothing to do with money. This expression has been used by French liberal workers in health field to talk about their strike occurring on Friday, 13th of November. Like in the U.K, having decent working conditions remains at the center of their claims.

Health professionals are driving to Paris this Friday. Copyrights : Le Parisien (Alexandre Boucher)

A re-organisation of health system is planned according to the Touraine law. The health secretary of state has orchestrated some changes in the system. Protests have been organized all over the country since last January. French health system used to be rather protective for all citizens. It’s getting more and more dubious now. Health professionals and unionists denounce all together this law. They disagree with some resolutions resulting in a certain loss of freedom. Professional secret dealing with the health state of patients may disappear, which means it could enable insurance organisations or banks to collect this information. They could therefore adapt their rates according to the patient’s health or disease.

Most of all, doctors are strongly opposed to the new way for the patients to pay when consulting them. Described as “le tiers-payant généralisé“, the procedure for a doctor to be paid would become longer and require additional administrative tools.

A march is getting prepared by health professionals for next Monday in Paris. They are hitting the road today at a slow rythm and they should block the entrance of the capital this week-end.

 Camille Anger, IEJ3E group 1


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