Karachi attack opens up with a new anonymous victim

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A witness discredited the official thesis of the DST. The man, only called by his code name “Verger” has talked to the justice, giving out new information confirming the State lie around this story.


This witness has pushed forward the idea that the attack that killed 15 people in 2002 was due to a stop in retro-commissions given out by Edouard Balladur for several years and cancelled by Jacques Chirac in 2002.

The official thesis pointed radical islamism of Al-Qaida and their random attacks on Western civilians. This confirmation by an important witness proves the importance of this possible lie, and the impact on political leaders may be huge. Indeed Nicolas Sarkozy was a minister at the time and had a view on what was happening.

Ali ben Moussalem, a Saudi man who has helped communication between  DCN, the French government and Pakistan has found to be a key-witness in this story. The man died in 2004, but may have wanted revenge after Jacques Chirac stopped reorienting dirty money by him. The man had a lot of contacts in Pakistan and could have been at the source of the attack. One of his co-workers, Ziad Takieddine, would have received money from the new anonymous “Verger” witness.
The new witness has changed the nature of the attack, from a terrorist-linked attack to a politico-financial vengeance. The judges in charge of the affair will now try to understand in depth exactly what could have happened in 2002, and the influence of the different political leaders.

IEJ 3E group 1, Clotilde BIGOT


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