Kurdish Forces Retake Sinzar from ISIS

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Sinzar Kurdes
Peshmergas hoist a kurdish flag in sinjar this Friday. Photo by Bryan Denton for the NY Times

Gunfire celebrations, Kurdish flags on buildings, this is how anti-Isis forces celebrated the retake of a Yazidi town on the road of Raqqa, Isis head-quarter. Sinzar, an Iraqi town held by ISIS for 15 months, has been liberated on November 13th by thousands of Peshmergas fighters helped by Yazidis fighters.

On October 2014, the Islamic State took Sinzar and killed Yazidis men, then enslaved and raped their women. On Friday, Kurdish peshmergas forces entered the devastated city from the east side then linked with YPG, Kurdish forces from Syria who invaded the town from the west part of Sinzar.

Started on Wednesday 11th, supported by American Air Forces, this operation had been set to control the road between Raqqa, Isis headquarters in Syria and Mosul, major powerful city held by the Islamic State in Iraq.

Map Sinzar
The Sinjar strategic issues

 An armed force composed of Yazidis people also took part in the fight.

For a few weeks, it appears that Isis is losing its influence in Syria and Iraq. On Monday, French Air Force bombed an oilfield held by ISIS. Facing those losses, it appears that the Islamic state already changed its strategy, committing blind attacks, like in Beyrouth on Thursday, which killed 42 people. “For the last 15 months that I have been fighting Daesh, I have never seen them so weak, they were literally running away,” said Kurdish Forces Colonel, Kamran Hawrami.

Guillaume Dussourt, 3E2


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