Mourning in Lebanon after a double suicide attack

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All the schools and universities in Lebanon were closed today, Friday thirteen, the day after the twin suicide bombings in a neighborhood south of Beirut. Even if the country suffered a lot of attacks, this measure had never been taken before. It is established as a gesture of emotion and mourning which the attacks caused.Liban© ANWAR AMRO/AFP

The bombings killed at least 43 people, wounded 240 others and surprised everybody. Indeed, this is the deadliest attack in Lebanon since the end of the Civil war in 1990, and the first since February 2014.

The first suicide attack occurred in a crowded commercial street in the district Bourj El-Barajneh, in the south of the city. The suicide attacker detonated his explosives vest outside a Shiite mosque, according to ABC News, and the second one blew himself up in the middle of the crowd. The assessment could have been worse because a third attacker died in one of the two attacks before he was able to activate his own explosive.

The extremist Islamic State group claimed the attack on the Shiite neighborhood of Burj al-Barajneh.

“The barbaric crime that took place in Burj al-Barajneh did not target just one region or sect but all of Lebanon from one end to the other” said the Prime Minister Tammam Salam in a security meeting to discuss the bombings.

Soraya Ben Aziza, IEJ 3E G1


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