Russia wants to create a new anti-doping agency

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In the case of the doping corruption in athletism Russia’s sport minister Vitali Moutko declares that the country wants to create a new anti-doping agency. This occurs after the World Anti-Doping Agency accused Russia of organized doping and threatens to suspend five athletes.


Copyrights : AFP/ FRANK FIFE.

“We are ready to accredit again a laboratory or reconstruct it or create a new anti-doping agency,” declares the minister. We have already heard about corruption in Russian athletism since the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) have to gather this evening in Monaco to discuss Russia’s fate. Russians are afraid of being suspended from the next Olympic Games, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) in 2016.

The suspention of Russia in the next Olympic Games can be a great loss for the country, especially when Putin’s Nation is supposed to organize the Football’s World Cup in 2018.

Sabrina Alves, IEJ 3E, group 1



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