Sanctions against the Air France’s employees

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Air France’s employees accused of taking part in central committee’s clashes received their sanctions’ letter. Five of them have been or will be laid off for “heavy mistake”. They are accused of having assaulted Xavier Broseta, Air France’s Human Ressources Director, ripping apart his shirt. This photo of this event was broadcoast around the world and shocked many people.

The employees will be judged on December 2 in Bobigny Criminal Court. Eleven Air France’s employees received other less sever sanctions: they wil not be paid for 15 days. They are accused of having vandalized a portal. They were acting in anger against a redundancy plan which had been avowed by the French Airline’s leaders.

For Air France’s management, it’s “a fair, equitable, rigorous and proportionate decision”. The sanctions were taken through videos filmed by the media. For French trade unions, “it’s just a joke” and according to them, the sanctions should be cancelled. The CGT, a major French trade union, calls for a strike within a week.

Arthur Blanquet, IEJ 3E, Group 1


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