« Share the meal », an application against hunger in the world

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The United Nations’ World Food Program launches an app called « Share The Meal » : a project that intends to revolutionize the gift.

XVM6e311b1c-8927-11e5-baf9-287e877f0991There are in the world twenty times more smartphone users than malnourished children. It is from this observation that a Berlin UN team has designed the app « Share The Meal » .

The principle : just a simple “push” on one’s smartphone to enable the United Nations to feed a child for one day. To help feed poor children, just press a button: each donation of 40 cents goes directly to the World Food Program.
« Once you’ve downloaded the app, it takes 30 seconds to register, and then you can press the button when you want. If you’re at the table, for example, simply press… A child will receive food. These 40 cents will allow to feed a child for a whole day,» explains Sebastian Stricker, the creator of the application.

1.8 million meals served
The app, launched in July in German speaking countries, has already 120,000 users. It allowed to serve 1.8 million meals in four months.

For now, the funds collected are paid to the World Food Program and they have benefited the children of Lesotho, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Besides, « Share the meal » also intends to take advantage of the migration crisis in Europe to raise awareness. The World Food Program plans to use donations to help Syrian children.


Victoria Hidoussi, IEJ3E G2


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