12 people killed in minibus crash in France

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Dramatic accident on the eve of the Easter weekend. A minibus leaving  Switzerland to join Portugal crashed into a truck in Allier, killing all twelve Portuguese passengers. The driver was transported to the hospital in a critical condition.

It was midnight when the accident occurred in the town of Montbeugny near Moulins, along the national road 79.  This portion of the central Atlantic Europe route, which crosses France from East to West is known for its danger.
The two drivers of the truck are alive but shocked.
An ardent chapel was erected in the hall of Montebeugny and a hotline has been set up for relatives of the victims.

The circumstances of the accident are still unclear, according to the prefecture, the vehicle  deviated from it’s route for unknown reason.
An investigation was opened, the time will give us more information.

This incident adds to an already well black list in recent months, mark by several deadly collisions in France.

Pauline Fleury, IEJ 1Bis



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