Argenteuil: a project of a terrorist attack avoided

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Police officers and members of a mine-clearing team speak in a street during a raid in the Argenteuil neighbourhood northwest of Paris on March 24, 2016. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said police had arrested a suspect in the Paris area today who was in "the advanced stages" of a plot to attack France. / AFP / GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT

Yesterday, Bernard Cazeneuve, French Minister of Interior, has revealed that the police has made an important questioning  because of the discovery of explosives in Parisian suburbs of Argenteuil. The suspect is Reda Kriket, man of thirty-four years old from Courbevoie (Hauts de Seine), who is accused of being “highly involved” in this project which was already at “an advanced stage”.

However,“no tangible evidence links this project to the attacks of Paris and Brussels,” the minister said. According to the TV news channel Itélé, the man himself has confirmed being in possession of arms and explosives.

Reda Kriket is a new illustration of  the close links between Belgian and French jihadists and was called the “French” in the Zerkani  group, the biggest recruiter of  fighters for Belgium jihadism. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Chakib Akrouh, both dead in Saint-Denis, belonged to this network.

Sentenced in 2015

In May, he was  sentenced by default to ten years of jail for his participation in the activities of a terrorist group. Moreover, Reda Kriket has payed 12,000 € for the departure to Syria of a jihadist to finance his travel and participated in meetings in Molenbeek.

Laura, IEJ 1BIS


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